now its time to show you some photos of the fifa worldcup 2006 from dortmund... yep my hometown... there will come more.. but scanning the negs takes a lot of time..
this series is called 'fanfest' and shows just some emotions of this wonderful event.. maybe nothing special at all but i think worth it to show.. all the shots i show here (in this post and in the upcoming) will be part of digital exhibitions in at least one pub around here combined with a number of prints on the wall...


just some unsorted photos... enjoy
taken with minolta xd7 or srt303b or a canonet ql19 with lenses from 17 to 50mm .. just for those who want to know such things..

i'm frustrated that i didnt saw this during the fifa wm2006.. i would have done sooooo many cool photos from there...

first photo with the canonet

hmmm... whatever..

i like this one!

the next posts will be about the fifa wm 2006.. ok.. i didnt got the fifa photo point.. but.. hmmm.. maybe it doesnt matter at all that i didnt saw this fuckin red dot before.. wonder if this is the only one.. maybe i'll post some shots this night or tomorrow or whenever i scanned everything...


some days ago i was out with sometwo guys here from dortmund.. just for fun.. it was really nice.. ok.. the photos i did.. hmm.. lets say.. they are also nice.. nothin more than that.. some at least didnt get a 'nice' at all.. ;)
lets mark it as a film-testing in a bad lightsituation :)

some xd7 shots with 17mm or 35mm all on kodak 200

i think manuel will love this one..

ok this one he'll love fore sure ;)


jep.. they took a shot of an open door.. whatever..

lets say.. meh

and another time.. meh

and a digital one.. yep.. we had some fun :)