during a short-business-trip (with flights about 36 hours)

he was chillin there in the shadow.. i chilled in the sun :)

in vicenza there are some nice old buildings

i really like italy!! but i wish i had packed my analogue cameras.. digital is not the same..

hope you are all well!

ciao, fabian


somewhere around duisburg.. just industry.. just boring..


old stuff.. new is coming.. i promise ...

srt303b, 17mm, some kodak film, a friend and fun.. all this was involved in this one :)


ciao, fabian


as i said.. more posts coming .. ok they've got less photos..

shot taken with my xd7 and my beloved 17mm-lens..

ciao, fabian


wow.. whats up here??? the second entry within only a few days.. yep.. i thought posting more often would be nice :)
ok i didnt got that much new shots right now.. but i think this will change in the future!

shot taken in zaandvoort.. not staged.. xd7 17mm.. kodak 200

enjoy the sunshine!
i do!

ciao, fabian


after a long long break..

clicking on the photo might be a good idea to view it larger :)

shot was taken near seefeld in austria.. thats the small town you can see down there in the pano.. quite nice..

now its time to chill a little bit.. work is starting in a week.. thx god that the fucking no-money-time will have an end..

more blog-entries will follow in the next days/weeks..

hope you are all well out there!

ciao, fabian


hey folks.. everything allright? hope you are all well!

i should really update my blog more often .. tummtidumm.. well next days will show :)

but for now i will go to the public viewing round here and will celebrate our german handball stars!
this world cup really kicks ass!!!
dont miss it!

ciao, fabian