wow.. the last update is nearly 1 month ago.. i really should take more photos and of course scan more :)

well in the last post i mention that i'll show u some shots of the maybe never ending 'Heya BVB'-series.. and i mentioned that i wanted to sort my negs.. though no one wished me luck i didn't do anything with them.. but i should really sort them in the future.. would be much easier to find photos i'm searching for if they were sorted with some kind of system.. maybe this will be a nice new year's pledge ;)

still searching for a job.. hmm..

so here we go with the photos :)

these guys were really nice.. i was staying around about one hundred meters in front of the stadium.. they asked me if i could make a photo of them.. i did..
srt 303b 35mm

p6 with 80mm on tmax 400

friends of mine.. the game was quite boring.. so the looked around for something interesting and found me ;)

both srt303b 17mm

just someone who makes money out of this weekly events..
srt303b 35mm

i dont know this one isnt really sharp.. but i like it.. i've got some more shots of such guys who are selling the fan-magazine.. dont know.. maybe in the future i'll make some more..
p6 80mm

the next one is one of those shot where i asked people for a photo.. in this i asked the guy on the left.. a character.. didnt even recognized that i got a family.. but then there stand 3 in front of my lens not only the one i asked.. so.. i never tell those people to stage for me.. i never give them commands how to look.. or at least to smile! .. i let them do what they want to do.. it makes these photos interesting for me.. i switch between the formats and films.. i always have got 2 or 3 cameras with me.. each one with a different film.. one loaded with a b/w- one with a color-film sometimes both with color.. sometimes i only make 1 or 2 photo(s) before a game.. the maximum were two films yet.. so.. coming back to this one.. i like it and choosed to present it yet only because of the 'lady' in the middle..xd7 35/f1.8 @ 2.8 as i remember.. i underexposed the whole film by accident 1 f-stop.. silly me..

same as the above one.. xd7 35/f1.8 @ 2.8

so far the last shot in this series (ok.. it was in fact one of the first i did.. but who cares?)
its unsharp.. yep.. but its cool!!!
p6 80mm

there will come more shots in the future maybe some you see here will be separated out.. maybe some i already took will be in the series.. i really dont know..

finally i hope i will post a bit more often in the future :)

best wishes, fabian

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