during a short-business-trip (with flights about 36 hours)

he was chillin there in the shadow.. i chilled in the sun :)

in vicenza there are some nice old buildings

i really like italy!! but i wish i had packed my analogue cameras.. digital is not the same..

hope you are all well!

ciao, fabian


namrata achowe said...

really loved the pictures........beautiful stuff

Giuliano88 said...

Really artistic shots, compliments for your blog ciao

Johan said...

Hi there Fabian.
I was wondering if you work professionally as a photographer in Dortmund...
Please contact me on johanpez[at].gmail.com

CresceNet said...

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foxxy said...

Hi Fabian

I cannot believe I have finally found that you are the creator of 'diving session'. I would like to discuss this photograph with you is that possible? you can contact me at jackyreynard@gmail.com I would appreciate hearing from you as it is for a very special reason.

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